Keep em guessing Bucky!

He looks pretty mild mannered and unassuming. A reliable, dependable, you-know-just-what-you’re-gonna-get kind of guy.

Mr Casual

But Bucky Rogers sure does know how to mix it up when it comes to ball polishing!

I had a good giggle this afternoon watching him assume the prime ball polishing role (in many different poses!) for Siddle for a spell there …

Though to be honest I always have found the ball polishing bit pretty entertaining. It’s nearly as good as a row of slips fielders, waiting for a delivery, viewed from behind.

Very childish of me I’m sure! But oh well, nothing wrong with being easily pleased and finding small things to giggle about and enjoy, especially on a day like today when you know the result well before play ends. You just have to enjoy the ride.

I can just imagine what he’s saying to his team mate here … “Hey did you see me mix that up back there? Dare you or anyone else to beat it!” 😉

Did you see

PS. enjoying my new camera too!


Defying the rain – the verdict

After the misery of yesterday, I decided that today I just had to give it a chance. So 7:30 this morning I was on the train bound for Melbourne and the MCG – defying the rain to rob me of some cricket joy.

The verdict? Totally worth it!


Oh, the cricket action is not bad either. Rogers got another ton, White’s now warming up for another good knock I think. NSW struggling for wickets, a draw almost certain.

The frustration of rain…

I’d been so looking forward to heading down to Melbourne again today to catch some Sheffield Shield action (VICvsNSW) but the weather forecast was so dire – 95% chance of 5-10mm rain – that I managed to talk myself out of it, thinking there wouldn’t be much play.

Bugger, bugger, bugger!

One full session played already without interruption – and a great one at that with Rogers and Quiney both on fire – and here I am sitting at home (where it is raining, adding to my misery :() regretting not giving it a chance. Already it would have been worth the two hours travel each way …

To add insult to injury – I can’t even console myself today with watching England vs Australia A on the telly because – you guessed it – rain in Hobart too!!

Edgbaston 2007 tmlvngs flickrI am starting to appreciate the world I’ve got myself into – one where the rain is the greatest enemy, and trying to predict it and make plans accordingly can have great consequences for the cricket tragic.

It’s a delicate balancing act of considering the options – particularly if you live in a regional area as I do and the action you’re looking to catch is in a main city some distance away.

Do I go on the off-chance that my virtue and patience in being prepared to sit watching an empty ground get wet could be rewarded with some fantastic play if the rain doesn’t arrive as forecast? Is it better to give it a try and be content with reading a good book while there’s no play, than to regret not being there when something great happens?

Speaking of which – just checked in, they’re back in action after lunch and Rogers has just hit a six. Bugger!

photo credit: tmlvngs via photopin cc

Only human after all …


At first I was shocked. Then disappointed. Then simply confused.

Did I really see that?

I mulled it over for a while…

And slowly it dawned on me: well, he’s only human after all !

And I’m sure I can still continue to enjoy his twinkly-eyed smiles in future, once I get that image out of my head.

George Bailey’s violent outburst of anger at being run out in the final Australia v India ODI series did surprise me. I thought he was Mr Unflappable.

Seems not!

I can only imagine the pressure he must have felt – so much talk lately of him being near-enough the messiah! And with such a huge target to chase… But even so, that was quite some display.

It reminded me a little of another occasion of sporting anger that had a lasting impression on me. I was 9 years old, playing in the grand final of my first year as a netball player. I was pretty good, tho I do say myself, but I had a temper and was aggressive on court. (Most who know me would be surprised by that! It’s part of the reason why in my late teens I decided volleyball was the only team sport I was safe with… 😉 )

But back to that 80’s netball grand final – at one point, having been picked up for travelling, I slammed the ball into the ground before taking my place sullenly alongside my opposite number who’d now been given the ball instead.

It was the only game of the year that my mum was able to come and see – she had to take time off work.

Afterwards she gave me one of the biggest serves of my life – swore that if she ever saw me do something like that again she’d march right out on to the court and give me a hiding in front of everyone!

I wonder what George’s mum would have said to him…

Photo credit: Sum_of_Marc via photopin cc

The things you learn… I

There are some things you can only learn by watching a game ‘in the flesh’ so to speak. I’ve listened to lots of games now, and watched a bit on telly. But now I’ve experienced the game fully I understand far more about the game than I did two days ago.

I’m a bit embarrassed at how obvious these ‘breakthroughs’ for my cricket education seem now, but in the spirit of celebrating my ignorance – as promised from the beginning – I’m going to share them with you anyway.


#1 just how much running goes on, all the time, amongst the fielders. I guess I’ve never been aware of the rearrangement going on between overs before because that’s when the dreaded commercials come on the telly. But also the re-setting needed when there’s left and right hand batsmen on strike surprised me too. Makes sense of course!

#2 the massive variation in distance of both the bowlers run-up and keepers position for fast bowlers vs the slow spinners. Of course it’s obvious! Pete Siddle in particular needs lots of space…

#3 why a dot ball is called a dot ball! I finally worked out all the bits of the scoreboard today. There’s been lots of them today – dot balls that is. Western Warriors are digging in and playing for the draw. Marcus North finally just got a ton, hard fought, nearly 24hrs after he opened the batting for the Warriors …