The things you learn… I

There are some things you can only learn by watching a game ‘in the flesh’ so to speak. I’ve listened to lots of games now, and watched a bit on telly. But now I’ve experienced the game fully I understand far more about the game than I did two days ago.

I’m a bit embarrassed at how obvious these ‘breakthroughs’ for my cricket education seem now, but in the spirit of celebrating my ignorance – as promised from the beginning – I’m going to share them with you anyway.


#1 just how much running goes on, all the time, amongst the fielders. I guess I’ve never been aware of the rearrangement going on between overs before because that’s when the dreaded commercials come on the telly. But also the re-setting needed when there’s left and right hand batsmen on strike surprised me too. Makes sense of course!

#2 the massive variation in distance of both the bowlers run-up and keepers position for fast bowlers vs the slow spinners. Of course it’s obvious! Pete Siddle in particular needs lots of space…

#3 why a dot ball is called a dot ball! I finally worked out all the bits of the scoreboard today. There’s been lots of them today – dot balls that is. Western Warriors are digging in and playing for the draw. Marcus North finally just got a ton, hard fought, nearly 24hrs after he opened the batting for the Warriors …


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