Only human after all …


At first I was shocked. Then disappointed. Then simply confused.

Did I really see that?

I mulled it over for a while…

And slowly it dawned on me: well, he’s only human after all !

And I’m sure I can still continue to enjoy his twinkly-eyed smiles in future, once I get that image out of my head.

George Bailey’s violent outburst of anger at being run out in the final Australia v India ODI series did surprise me. I thought he was Mr Unflappable.

Seems not!

I can only imagine the pressure he must have felt – so much talk lately of him being near-enough the messiah! And with such a huge target to chase… But even so, that was quite some display.

It reminded me a little of another occasion of sporting anger that had a lasting impression on me. I was 9 years old, playing in the grand final of my first year as a netball player. I was pretty good, tho I do say myself, but I had a temper and was aggressive on court. (Most who know me would be surprised by that! It’s part of the reason why in my late teens I decided volleyball was the only team sport I was safe with… šŸ˜‰ )

But back to that 80’s netball grand final – at one point, having been picked up for travelling, I slammed the ball into the ground before taking my place sullenly alongside my opposite number who’d now been given the ball instead.

It was the only game of the year that my mum was able to come and see – she had to take time off work.

Afterwards she gave me one of the biggest serves of my life – swore that if she ever saw me do something like that again she’d march right out on to the court and give me a hiding in front of everyone!

I wonder what George’s mum would have said to him…

Photo credit: Sum_of_Marc via photopin cc


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