Keep em guessing Bucky!

He looks pretty mild mannered and unassuming. A reliable, dependable, you-know-just-what-you’re-gonna-get kind of guy.

Mr Casual

But Bucky Rogers sure does know how to mix it up when it comes to ball polishing!

I had a good giggle this afternoon watching him assume the prime ball polishing role (in many different poses!) for Siddle for a spell there …

Though to be honest I always have found the ball polishing bit pretty entertaining. It’s nearly as good as a row of slips fielders, waiting for a delivery, viewed from behind.

Very childish of me I’m sure! But oh well, nothing wrong with being easily pleased and finding small things to giggle about and enjoy, especially on a day like today when you know the result well before play ends. You just have to enjoy the ride.

I can just imagine what he’s saying to his team mate here … “Hey did you see me mix that up back there? Dare you or anyone else to beat it!” šŸ˜‰

Did you see

PS. enjoying my new camera too!


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