Turning tables, divided loyalties

I’ve been a bit quiet on the Cricket Explorer front I know – odd considering the Aussie achievements of the last couple of weeks!

It’s partly because I’ve been busy hanging out with parents and rellies from interstate, and therefore had folks around I could bore with cricket talk and questions instead (though Dad seemed pretty happy about it to be honest!) – but mostly because I’ve been breathless and on the edge of my seat with anticipation and excitement, and therefore incapable of sitting still and writing anything longer than a tweet or brief fb post!

So, what can I say? Johnson is in phenomenal form. Just extraordinary.

His knocking out of Anderson’s middle stump during day 3 of the Adelaide Test today – and the subsequent glare – was inspiring, exhilarating and frightening at the same time. Grand drama!! I can’t wait to see the next time Johnson’s in to bat, I wonder who’s going to be bowling to him…

I do worry about myself a bit though: I can feel myself starting to have more than a fleeting  semi-expat interest in – and compassion for – the fortunes of the English. I am actually praying for them to pick themselves up out of the ditch they’ve tumbled into, dust themselves off and start playing with more conviction, form and energy, and whoop the Aussies butts even for a day or two – I’d even be happy for them to win one!

But it’s actually no different to how much I got behind the Aussies in the last Ashes series when they faced the seemingly impossible – and so it was then.

Perhaps I’m just a sucker for an underdog.

Go Aussies!? Go Poms!? Oh I don’t know.

Just give us a series to remember one way or the other huh boys? Oh and if it’s not too much trouble, I’d love for the Boxing Day test – set to be my first live experience of international cricket – to not be a dead rubber.

That seems ridiculously wishful thinking at this point in time…


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