IMG_3276If you’d told me two years ago that I would one day have something in common with John Howard – in being able to describe myself as a cricket tragic – I would have rolled my eyes at you and said “As if!”

Yet here I am: sleep deprived after the frustrating English summer Ashes series 2013; exhilarated at finally understanding why you’d watch, listen or very closely follow a five day game that might end with no win for either side; excited and keen to learn more about this fascinating sport; and wondering what on earth happened to me this last year!

Is it turning 40? Is it because ABC Local Radio / ABC Grandstand was my constant companion over the 2012-13 Aussie spring & summer whilst living in my campervan in Victoria and searching for work? Is it because I developed an infatuation with Michael “Pup” Clarke during that time as a result of his outstanding test batting achievements and that seemingly inappropriate nickname for someone capable of such a masterful display?

Probably, if I’m honest, it’s a combination of all three. But what has surprised me most is the feeling of coming home.

As long as I can remember, my Dad always carried his transistor radio with him as he pottered about each weekend in his garden or around the house. And so ABC Grandstand was the dominant – albeit subconscious – soundtrack to my childhood weekends: AFL in winter, cricket in summer. It is my aural equivalent of comfort food and somehow the cricket has resonated enough to actually catch and hold my attention completely.

So, here we go on my belated cricket educational journey. I have bought my first tickets to a live international match – Ashes Boxing Day test at the MCG no less thank you! I’m also planning to follow the Sheffield Series, join a local club for a grassroots view, and devour any books, podcasts, audio grabs, conversations and articles that will help me understand the world of cricket.

My other recent epiphany is that I’ve been ignoring for too long the wordsmith in me and that writing is my most obvious passion that could and should guide my future career. So bringing together cricket and writing in the form of this blog seems set to bring me much enjoyment and an ideal space for exploration of where my life might go from this point forward.

Come, share my journey…


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