Disclaimer central

Things you might expect from Cricket Explorer and for which I make little apology! –

  • Ignorance – I’m new to this, so expect some stupid questions and observations, and sooner than later!
  • Bias – I’m Australian, with English ancestry, and lived in England for nearly 9 years – so these two countries dominate my interests
  • Obtuse observations – my interest is in the whole cricket world, so I’m just as likely to comment on fans or commentary or what cricket reminds me of, as I am on the games, the players and the politics.
  • Being technically challenged – the technical aspects of the game mystify me, and I  wonder if I’ll ever quite get to grips with them…
  • Girly comments – I’m a girl. It’s pretty likely you’ll be able to tell.
  • Unbridled optimism – I believed Australia could win the 2013 Ashes in England, and now believe they will win the 2013-14 Ashes series. Enough said!
  • Idiocy – it’s inevitable than a certain amount of craziness is going to slip out at some point!

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