I’ve stumbled across, followed, borrowed, bought, begged or been gifted a number of great sources of cricketing wisdom, which I figured it might be handy to share with others who are also looking to learn more about this world.

This is by no means exhaustive – nor is inclusion below necessarily an endorsement of  quality as I haven’t managed to read all of them yet (!) – but I have tried to capture as many of these reference points as possible.


more to come…


Twitter – @jimmaxcricket, @CricketAus, @plalor, @Aggerscricket, @bbctms, @abcgrandstand, @WisdenAlmanack, @fwildecricket, @DavidMutton, @tmsproducer, @TheCricketGeek, @CVPathway,

more to come…


Agnew, Jonathan Cricket: a modern anthology, Harper Collins UK, 2013

Cannane, Steve First Tests: great Australian cricketers and backyards that made them, Harper Collins Australia, 2009

more to come…


Bodyline: It’s Just Not Cricket, ABC DVD 2002 (doco not the dramatisation)

more to come…


ABC Grandstand – including Grandstand at Stumps podcast, Cow Corner podcast

more to come…


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